Get To The Root Cause With Sewer Line Inspection Service In Alpharetta

Get To The Root Cause With Sewer Line Inspection Service In Alpharetta

Sewer lines, or underground horizontal pipes, run under your yard to drain the domestic waste from your home to your septic tank or the local municipal sewer lines. Emergency Septic & Sewer is available for prompt, reliable sewer line inspection if you suspect issues are developing within your Alpharetta sewer line.

How Does Sewer Line Inspection Work?

With a main sewer line inspection, we use sewer camera technology attached to a flexible cable that we insert into your sewer line. The camera moves through the pipe and records the physical condition of the interior. The footage is streamed in real time to our technicians so that we can see what is going on inside, such as tree roots infiltrating, clogs, cracks, and blockages.

Have you been having frequent sewer line backups or clogs or noticing drains emptying slower? If so, then a sewer line inspection is a good idea. A good rule of thumb is to have your sewer line inspected every five years or so just to ensure no issues that could worsen are looming.

Additionally, if your property is full of trees or rich with shrubbery, you may want to have your sewer lines inspected more often. Tree roots often cause clogged and backed-up lines as they infiltrate via tiny fractures or cracks within the pipes. Having a sewer inspection may not seem like something you want to invest in. However, paying for an inspection now is more feasible than paying for a costly emergency repair should you have a sewage backup unexpectedly wreaking havoc on your home.

Emergency Septic & Sewer is here to help when you need sewer line inspection service in Alpharetta. Call us at (678) 735-4590 for details. We are always here to address your concerns with your sewer lines and all inspection services.

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